• A Library Made of Granite

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    Jan 01 , 1970

    A Library Made of Granite

    This month, our boss Angela has visited the Great Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt — which is also a major cultural center situated on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the city of Alexandria.  Besides its cultural value, Bibliotheca Alexandria is also a spectacular example of contemporary architecture. Granite elements such as clad walls, facade, floor and wall tiles, steps and risers, and slabs successfully complement the uniqueness of the design.   Often, when people think of granite, the only thing that comes to mind is granite kitchen countertops. And while this building material is perfect for such usage, there are many more applications of this marvelous natural stone.  The Biblioteca Alexandrina is an amazing example of how different granite can look. It is hard to believe, that an ancient majestic looking facade and modern glossy looking walls inside the building are made of the same material. Granite has a great variety of colors, finishes, patterns, and looks.  Find out more about granite applications, pros and cons, design trends and other in Xiamen Aofei Building Materials blog. And please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance or ideas for your project. Our experts are always excited to help you make your building or design project even better. Call us today!
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  • Natural Stone - a Sustainable Solution for Your Project

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    Dec 31 , 2019

    Natural Stone - a Sustainable Solution for Your Project

    This December Xiamen Aofei Building Materials visited a beautiful country of Indonesia, where our boss Angela gave a speech about the importance of natural stone in the sustainability context to Indonesian construction leaders and developers.  So why did natural stone become our sustainable solution in the building materials industry?  In the urge of saving our planet from climate change, it is crucial to pull all the possible resources together and cooperate. The oldest sustainable material, natural stone,  helps to do it more efficiently.  Natural stone used in construction projects provides the timeless essence of quality, solidity, and prestige and mirrors the basic mechanism of earth building as stone is worked for new building projects and subsequently reused over time. It is the ideal cradle to grave material. According to an independant environmental performance rating, the Green Guide, natural stone in general performs very well across a wide range of categories and usually scores “A” or “A+”.  Going even further, we discovered that there is even more potential to reduce emission in stone in the future. It will be possible by using electricity generated from renewable sources. As we can see, sustainability is an opportunity, not a cost. At Xiamen Aofei Building Materials, we choose to help our planet by using natural stone to build a sustainable future. Our company is a member of the Natural Stone Institute and has been certified with ISO 9001, an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Our company specializes in Natural Stone Building Materials. We have been in this business for more than 10 years and we love what we do! We know that sustainable design is here to stay. Designing with natural stone for a home presents an exciting array of options. The choice to design with natural stone is a very personal one, but sustainability should be taken into consideration to help with the decision making process.  Xiamen Aofei Building Materials professionals are always happy to help out clients achieve their goals and the specific needs for their project and  make the most sustainable choice, one that they will enjoy for many years to come!
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  • Welcoming Our Clients from Georgia and Ethiopia

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    Nov 30 , 2019

    Welcoming Our Clients from Georgia and Ethiopia

    This August and September, Xiamen Aofei Building Materials had a chance to welcome two of our great clients — Mr. Temo from Georgia and Mr.Coo from Ethiopia. They came to China to check our company’s products and discuss future cooperation. In August, our boss Angela and Mr. Temo visited production sites together to check black granite in particular, as well as to have a look at other types of granite. Later in September, we were welcoming Mr.Coo from Ethiopia! Mr. Coo came to visit our company and check granite 623 with us. Ibrahim Granite & Ceramic Import & Distributor is ordering step risers and window seals from Xiamen Aofei Building Materials. We are grateful for our clients’ trust and will make sure our high-quality products are up to the best standards! Keep Silent Now, let’s count to twelve Let’s keep silent On the earth this time, Let’s not speak any language, Let’s cease for a second, And stop waving our arms wildly. This will be a sweet moment, No hurry, no trains to catch In a sudden uneasiness, All of us coming  together, The fishermen on the cold sea can treat whales well. The peasants are collecting salt. Looking at their cracked palms Those people are preparing for a green war. A gas and oil war, and a firework war, Despite a triumph, there is no survivor Put on a clean garment, take a walk side by side With ur brother under the tree, leisurely and carefree. My aspiration should not be confused with the useless idleness; Life matters in itself above all I do not want anything to do with death anyway; If we fail to agree Let our lives by fully dynamic If we nothing for once Perhaps a tremendous silence Will break the sorrow The nature of ourselves is unknown As well as the menace of death Perhaps the Earth is instructing us Everything remains alive while seemingly dying. Now I will count to twelve U keep silent, and I will leave. Angela Liu
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  • Xiamen Aofei Building Materials at the UK Construction Week 2019

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    Oct 21 , 2019

    Xiamen Aofei Building Materials at the UK Construction Week 2019

    This October Xiamen Aofei Building Materials exhibited at the UK’s largest built environment event — UK Construction Week 2019.    35 000 construction professionals and over 650 exhibitors will be brought together at the NEC Birmingham on October 8-10 to promote innovation, projects, learning, and networking. Exhibiting sections include: build, building tech, civils, energy & HVAC, surface & materials and timber. UK Construction Week provides the perfect environment for best practice, knowledge sharing, product sourcing and problem-solving. This event is dedicated to enhance responsible business and provide answers about building for our future in the right way. All three days of the UKCW were filled with live demonstrations and comprehensive seminars on various sectors of the construction industry topics from financial to trend spotting aspects and more!   It was possible to attend UKCW for free and get a chance to update your company CPD, be inspired by incredible people and projects, and gain practical knowledge on innovative technologies, systems, products, and business opportunities and collaborations from all over the world.  When I was walking from the hotel, I noticed that the hotel entrance was still under construction.  On the west side of Birmingham's iron station, I looked for the entrance of the subway along the entrance of the hotel. The original road was blocked and I could only go around.  While looking for the right way, I saw many well-known granite buildings on the roadside and noted that the high and low steps were made of fire-burned granite, and the urban roads were made of small stones. Basalt, granite, slate, sandstone, and marble, regardless of whether they are used to build our home or to build our city, they are amazing. If you are looking for a sustainable solution to redesign your city, you should definitely consider natural stone products. Because natural stone products are gifts given to us by our mother nature, there is nothing better than designing our homes directly using natural products. And making our hometowns even more lovely. Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co. LTD. exhibited in the “Build” section, and presented best-quality Chinese natural stone building materials at stand #B979. We were happy to meet other professionals to share experiences and plan to collaborate on exciting new projects. 
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