Architecture is made of a variety of materials. Materials vary with the requirements of architecture, while architecture styles also vary with the diversity of materials.

As the oldest material made into architecture, natural stone is loved by human beings with its natural texture and magnificent color change and is closely related to their daily lives. The most important buildings in the ancient world, such as Egyptian Pyramids, Greek God Mausoleum, Roman Catholic Church, the Great Wall of China and the Winter Palace of Russia, all use stone as their main structure material. Stone has played the role of decorating the appearance of architecture.

Compared with weak attack resistant and breakable ceramic tiles, natural stone has strong endurance and durability. Ceramic tiles are easy to wear. After being laid, in domestic spaces, there will be side seams among ceramic tiles. After about 6 months, they will begin to wear, and in 8-12 months they will appear different degrees of wear on the surface. In public places, side seams will appear in 2-3 months, and different degrees of wear in 6 months. Therefore, stone products have far greater wear resistance than that of ceramic tiles.

In terms of decorative effect, good stone just likes "jade". Good stone can let people feel warm in winter and cool in summer after decoration.

Xiamen Aofei specializes in the management of natural stone. Located in Xiamen, the Company has cooperative processing plants in the northern and southern parts of China in addition to its own processing plants, operating nearly 10,000 kinds of granite, marble, limestone and travertine. If you view our website in detail, we believe that you will find suitable stone for your architecture you design.

Stone is usually considered to be a relatively hard material, which is difficult to be treated with curve processing, so stone buildings usually adopt straight-line design, making a concise and powerful impression.

When you are browsing this website, you will also greatly admire China's current advanced stone technology, by which hard natural stone has been able to be processed into the streamlined buildings you design.

Gaudi is one of my favorite architects from Spain. The famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, was treated with curve processing with uses stones. Although the stones used are a hard-natural material, what they bring to people generally is elegant and gentle.

Xiamen Aofei Building Material will sincerely provide natural stones with weaknesses overcoming strengths needed for your buildings. We look forward to your cooperation.


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