According to ancient Chinese mythology, the sky and the earth were at first one blurred entity. Pangu (an ancient Chinese god) was born into it.The separation of the sky and the earth took eighteen thousand years, the yang which was light and pure rose to become the sky, and the yin which was heavy and murky sank to form the earth. The divine force that created the universe is outstanding, a stone may take shape through hundreds of millions of years of carving, which is well known as precious nonrenewable resources.


Nowadays, the use of stone is extremely common, no matter in what place or in the field of interior decoration, it always drew a large crowd of admirer because of its marvelous visual appeal and breathtaking shape. Stones are extensively applied for its hardness and, more importantly, its unique charms and splendid colors and changes. With this in mind, we couldn't help but admire the magical mystery of nature.


Xiamen Aofei Construction Materials Co., Ltd is located in Xiamen, the largest stone processing and trading center of China. Over the years, we have been engaged in the processing, production and trading of granite, marble and other stone products and our products are sold to Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world.


We offer products of natural stones from all over the world in various color series, including red, yellow, green, black, white, cyan, purple, coffee, golden, gray and motley colors. Our products include big panel, standard panel, thin panel, counter top panel, composite panel, water-cut panel, parquet, mosaic panel and firewall carving and we can satisfy the customers' demands for stone flooring of interior decoration, stone flooring and stone wall of outdoor decoration and the stone demands of any gardening, urban infrastructure, public decoration and home decoration projects. Other than offering numerous varieties of stones and marbles, we also strictly abide by ISO9000 quality standards and bring luxurious stone decoration experiences to customers on the basis of rich experiences in the stone industry.


Our clients include the import and export agencies across the world, various types of project owners and contractors, real estate developers and private home users.


We find the right place for each stone.


We give full rein to the most fundamental beauty of each stone.


We allow everybody to enjoy the charm of nature through our stone products.

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Our brand name are certified and fairly produce made from marble granite porcelain basalt quartz and all other suitable natural and composition stone...
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